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Career tips: How to score with the boss

You want to advance your career? Stay authentic - that does not just make an impression on the boss
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  1. Advance your career without slicing on the boss
  2. Show initiative
  3. Watch closely
  4. Play detective
  5. Stay authentic

Advance your career without slicing on the boss

Career Tips: Do not worry to impress the boss, you do not need to mess around. Even little things put you in a good light.

Carrying on the career by smuggling yourself in with the boss? Of course you can try that, but the good relationship with colleagues is very likely to fall by the wayside.

Obey our subtle career tips to make a good impression on the boss.

Show initiative

It does not always have to be the obligatory annual talk. Even after completing a project , you can ask the boss for feedback . This shows that you want to get involved and improve on mistakes.

Watch closely

Never rush to one side, but watch closely - especially the reactions of your boss . As long as it is not clear from which direction the wind is blowing, you are well advised to react as neutrally as possible.

Play detective

Get as much information as possible about your boss. For that, a quick look into the internet is usually enough. You may find out that he is volunteering for a child relief project - this knowledge provides ideal small-talk material.

Stay authentic

Be as natural as possible in the presence of the boss. Something to pretend, which one is not, eventually backfires. Authentic behavior means to be honest - first and foremost to yourself!


Text: Caren Hodel


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