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Karoline Herfurth: Lean figure was just cheated

Karoline Herfurth had to trick, to appear thin

Karoline Herfurth

Karoline Herfurth / ©

The beautiful actress ('The Perfume') is seen as an anorexic in her newest installment, 'Vincent Will Meer'. Although she comes over scary on the canvas, Herfurth had even gained a hefty three kilograms during the filming - and that even when trying to abate. The red-haired actress reveals that Atkins does not always let the pounds tumble: "I tried to do without carbohydrates while filming to look a bit bony, but somehow things went wrong and I even gained three kilograms." Finally, the staff behind the camera could help Herfurth achieve the desired lean effect: "Luckily, you can trick in the movie, with light and mask and such, and I was really shocked at how thin I got in the movie, and then there's one more Scene in which one sees the back But that has played a double, I'm not so thin. "This time, the 25-year-old young actress of shooting was particularly difficult. Because she did not want to deal personally with the topic of anorexia for a long time. "But I have to say that I already had some kind of self-protection, " the Berliner told "The respect for such an illness has made my subconscious build a kind of wall, so that for a long time I missed the right access to the role." Herfurth vehemently censures her lack of lean ideas in film, television and advertising: "Society is totally body-fixed, it is normal to always pay attention to your figure, but what worries me is the change in the physical silhouette in the body People's minds. "Since this Thursday Karoline Herfurth can be seen in 'vincent will meer'.