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Caribbean laid table

  • 4-6 mini palms (from the florist)
  • Shell, oblong (department store)
  • Palm earth (hardware store)
  • Banana leaves (asialades)
  • Adhesive tape (eg

      from Tesa)
    • Bamboo sticks (decolouring)
    • knife

    Palm Island:

    1. Plant mini palm trees in an oblong shell for the party.

    Tip: If the plants are to stay longer in the shell, a drainage through pebbles must be created. It is best to use special palm soil.

    Place settings:

    1. Cut an approx. 7 cm wide strip from the banana leaf.

    2. Attach adhesive tape to the bottom of both ends (across the entire width) so that the following slots do not tear further.

    3. Roll the strip into a ring and cut two slits with a knife.

    4. Push the bamboo sticks through the slots.

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