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Can Helene Fischer dry Michelle's tears?

Michele and Helene Fischer: They like each other.
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Helene Fischer

Marriage failed, debt, depression - Michelle in a deep crisis. Can Helene help her now?

The news stunned the show industry: pop singer Michelle and husband Josef Shitawey (46) broke up - the sad end of a great love. And once again Michelle is alone. With three children and a mountain of debt. And in this difficult hour a name emerges, a person who now gives her hope: her hit colleague Helene Fischer (25). They are so different, but they are close Yes, it is true: The two women could not be more different, are a bit like Goldmarie and Pechmarie ... There is Helene (25): beloved youngest daughter, protected like a treasure. The parents promoted her talent, she made it to the successful artist who has already found the man for life in Florian Silbereisen (28). And there is Michelle - daughter of a broken family. The father allegedly a thug, the mother alcoholic. Although Michelle struggles to light, Germany's celebrated Schlagerprinzessin. But again and again she falls into misfortune: depression, a suicide attempt, a stroke. In addition broken relationships: She has three children of three men. The last catastrophes: In 2008, she files for bankruptcy. In 2009 she loses her baby. Now the end of her second marriage ...

How gladly Michelle remembers after all the fate of the happiest moment of the last few months: her appearance in Florian Silbereisen's "Autumn Festival of Folk Music" last October. She gave her splendid farewell to the stage there. Helene is in many ways much more mature and well-established Helene Fischer was there too. Side by side, the singers smile at the camera. How protectively Helene holds Michelle's hand - like a good friend. Would not it be nice if Helene could now dry her tears! She might try to pave Michelle the way back to the stage. That would be like medicine: against lovesickness, loneliness - and against the financial problems. Helene is so warm-hearted that Michelle would be in good hands with her. And although she is 13 years younger, she looks in some mature and stable. Maybe Helene will find new life with Helene. She herself says about a possible comeback: "I never say never, I will not do that anymore. An artist always remains an artist, Michelle always remains Michelle . "That makes us hope that she will not break this time either.