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Campaign 'Tattoo Me': Illma Gore wants tattooed the names of 2,500 strangers

In order to become a living piece of art, Illma Gore wants to have tattooed names and pictures of strangers.
Photo: YouTube / Illma Gore

Carter Illma Gore lets strangers choose their tattoos

The 22-year-old artist Illma Gore wants to become a "priceless work of art". As? Through a total of 2, 500 tattoos - all chosen by strangers.

The British actress Illma Gore is certainly not the first who is completely dedicated to her own body of art. But she is certainly the very first to do it this way.

The goal of the 22-year-old artist is ambitious and at the same time more than unusual. For Illma Gore wants to get no less than 2, 500 foreign names tattooed on her body . If you want to read his name on Illma's skin, you only have to pay about 8, 50 Euro (10 US-Dollar) for it. If more is paid, other things are possible. For 25 dollars (about 21.50 euros) Illma lets not only the name of a person, but equal to the sting of two people. For a payment of $ 100 (about 86 €) it is not the name, then a whole picture is possible.

What Illma Gore wants to achieve with her project 'Tattoo Me' ?

She has, as she explained herself below in the video, the intention to become a "unique and priceless work of art". For the 22-year-old, the different tattoos symbolize individual stories that all become part of her. Obviously, Illma is very enthusiastic about her project and would like to present it as part of an exhibition after graduation. To realize this, the artist has launched a Kickstarter campaign, which has been discontinued without any explanation.

Now there is a campaign on the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe. Here Illma explains exactly what her 'Tattoo Me' project is about and how she wants to realize it. Illma's body still has 1, 500 seats for foreign names. If you want to be immortalized on your body, you can still do so for a fee.

The tattoo itself Illma Gore should make relatively little. The 22-year-old had her first tattoo already pricked at 15 and now has over 40 tattoos on her body - six of them in the face. By the way, Illma does not provide this for further tattoos.


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