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Kai Pflaume: "For which I am eternally grateful to my parents"

Openly speaking like never before from his childhood: Kai Pflaume
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He speaks openly about his childhood

A man just in case: Kai Pflaume (45) not only impresses with his TV show "Klein gegen Groß" (16 February, ARD), but is also the moderator of the renowned NDR talk show " (Fridays, 10 pm) nice body. He also owes this success to his parents, who have always supported him. With us the moderator openly talks like never before about his happy childhood.

They moderate the program "Klein gegen Groß". What can we learn from children?

Kai Pflaume: An important point is curiosity. Children are very different in their nature to things than we do. Mostly they are unbiased and unassuming.

How were you as a child?

Kai Pflaume: I was so curious. I put my nose everywhere. First and foremost, I was wild. I gave full throttle in all directions. This has led to smaller and larger collisions.

The parental home is influential for children. Why are you grateful to your parents?

Kai Pflaume: First and foremost, for getting a lot of love and warmth from them. And that as a family we did a lot together. It was important to cultivate family rituals.

Give us some!

Kai Pflaume: The common food or excursions. I always had the feeling that my parents were there for me when I needed them. And I think that leads to a basic trust. You can try your life in a different way because you know: "My parents will always be there for me." I appreciated that very much.

They live in Munich, their parents in Leipzig. Will you bring your parents to you?

Kai Pflaume: Basically, I would not mind. We understand each other very well. However, my wife and I are at home in Munich. I would never ask my parents to move, because they have their own life and their usual environment in Leipzig. Thank God there are many ways to stay in close contact today. And that is very important to me.

You are traveling a lot. Do you still have enough time for your own family?

Kai Pflaume: Yes, of course. Fortunately, I am also at home during the week and spend time with my family. I really appreciate that because that's how I experience everyday life. It is important to share the time you have in common. This applies to a relationship as well as to the family.