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Jutta Speidel on jealousy, heavy air and plans for the future

Jutta Speidel enjoys life with her Bruno
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For 9 years, the actress and her Bruno are a couple

"We do not even have a car" is the name of the turbulent comedy, in which Jutta Speidel (58) and Bruno Maccallini (52) are struggling with all sorts of obstacles as lovers, and we wanted to know what happened privately between the two.

To what extent is the story autobiographical?

Jutta Speidel: Let's put it this way: It's an adaptation of a very autobiographical book written by Bruno and myself.

The film is kissed a lot and laughed, but also quarreled. Do you argue otherwise?

Jutta Speidel: Well, then there are maximum misunderstandings.

Which type?

Jutta Speidel: First of all linguistically and sometimes because of the different mentality.

Bruno is terribly jealous in the movie. Is he private as well?

Jutta Speidel: He has no reason for that.

So the cliché of the jealous Italian is not right then?

Jutta Speidel: Oh, you do not have to take that seriously. This is a kind of popular sport in Italy. It is a bit of a game between a woman and a little man. An Italian man even expects that the woman always tries to keep him a little bit simmering ...

Are you jealous?

Jutta Speidel: Nah. I think it is generally annoying. But if Bruno has to live it out sometimes, that's okay too.

Why do you still have a long-distance relationship?

Jutta Speidel: It's just right for us. And everyone can live a bit of home in this way.

What about future plans ? Did you never think about moving to Rome because of him?

Jutta Speidel: Rome is a wonderful city, and I could possibly imagine spending a part of the year there, but not quite. I can not do that yet. But who knows what's going on in ten years?

They both call themselves stubborn. Who pouts, who gives in first, if there is thick air?

Jutta Speidel: Getting the turn is not so easy when the muffle has arrived. Especially with the dear Lord. He likes to muffle a bit longer. But then somehow I'm so on my head, that I'm trying to make the situation more difficult.

I wonder why you both do not marry ...

Jutta Speidel: Because there is no need for it. Why should we?

Does not every woman dream that her lover will make her an application someday?

Jutta Speidel: Not me.

How do you get the idea to make a bike trip to Italy?

Jutta Speidel: I gave Bruno a bicycle (a Bianchi) for my birthday, because I thought he could enjoy cycling through Bavaria just like me. Because I really like cycling, because I think that you can see completely different things on the bike than out of the car.

I thought, we first cycle a bit through Bavaria and we did that too. That was wonderful. At some point, the idea was born to cycle over the mountains to Italy.

And, did you convert Bruno? Does he still like to cycle or is he preferring to drive Vespa?

Jutta Speidel: Well, he prefers riding his bike a lot better than before. And it has been a great adventure in any case. We both do not regret having done it.

Does that mean Bruno is now cycling through Rome with enthusiasm?

Jutta Speidel: No, his bike is in Munich. You can not ride a bike in Rome . This is not really recommended for the cobblestones and the traffic.

It's not exactly safe with the Vespa ...

Jutta Speidel: Yes, but Bruno is used to that. With the Vespa, he drives in his sleep, so to speak.

And you?

Jutta Speidel: For God's sake. I would never travel alone with the Vespa through Rome. I'm just sitting on the back.