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Justin Bieber publicly approached Selena Gomez

That goes too far: Justin Bieber gropes his girlfriend

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez / Twitter

Hormonal flushes or not, Justin Bieber has as a teen-star obligation to present his young fans as a decent role model and role model. After his South American tour finally reunited with his girlfriend Selena Gomez in Canada, however, the hormones apparently went through with him. Today we had already told you that the two wore in Winnipeg jerseys with questionable message that pointed to a sex position. Now, however, it is getting fatter and photos have been leaked on the internet, clearly showing Justin batting his flame in front of everyone's eyes during the hockey game the two attended. In the public eye, Justin Bieber thrilled. How do you think that? The rows of spectators were hot, and we do not mean general cheering. Justin Bieber wrapped his arms around Selena Gomez, and while the two of them were making a lot of demonstrative smooching, he held both hands in the air. Sure, he's 17 and she's 19, what the two are doing privately in their luxurious hotel suites is their thing. But should two teen celebrities really perform in public, what do you think? Here are the intimate scenes of the hockey game: SE