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Johnny Depp's alleged stylist loots designer clothes for nearly $ 10,000

Is this the work of David Tripp? Probably not...
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Dirty Blogger bills four New York boutiques

So naughty one must first be: A blogger with exclusive taste enriched himself for months with stolen credit cards in expensive brand stores.

"Hello, I'm Johnny Depp's stylist and I'd like to ..." Well, such a call is part of everyday life for a designer boutique in New York, nobody is surprised and there is no further demand. Unfortunately. Because that led to a fraud case that could have been uncovered much earlier.

The New Yorker blogger David Tripp spent months with stolen credit cards through designer shops and bought for the equivalent of more than 6, 700 euros cheerfully together a new wardrobe - much to the chagrin of the real cardholders. Sometimes he looked past Carven, then Marni and Jil Sander, where he left a nice sum of over $ 5, 000 - not his money, of course.

Since he pretended to be a star stylist, none of the employees asked so closely. Only when he called Marc Jacobs and this time claimed to order clothes for "The Killers" frontman Brandon Flowers, an employee was suspicious. Although David Tripp was able to reliably name all styles by name and color, but did not write the name correctly on the credit card with which he wanted to pay for the clothes.

It belonged to a woman. And when the Marc Jacobs employee found out on a small internet research that the caller could not be the Kelly who owned the card, he counted one and one together. When he arrived at the store, the wrong stylist was immediately received by police officers. Fraud does not pay off ...