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Job coach for the generation 40 plus

So women start in the middle of life again

Only a few years ago, unemployed people over the age of 50 were considered to be immediate. No matter how qualified they were, the application was so sophisticated: a look at the date of birth brought the decision.

Job coach Henrike Feltges
Photo: Stefan Gregorowius

Born before 1955 was almost automatically called "rejection".

But since various initiatives specifically promote job applicants in this age group, the chances of success are increasing. Because even the economy has now recognized how important the long-term experience of these workers is.

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And subsidy programs such as the "Perspektive 50plus" of the Federal Government make it easier for companies to decide on older applicants. Nevertheless, they still have a lot harder time than younger (co-) applicants.

It is a small step to success

The application phase is an exhausting situation for many, because in addition to the financial worries grow in this time mostly self-doubt: "Again, a rejection, why no one wants me?" Is the question that determines everyday life. And the motivation to even send out a folder, can even drop to zero.

It is often only a small step that can bring success, says Henrike Feltges (60). The former chief secretary is a job coach for middle-income and over-40s.

Feltges insider tip: "You should never doubt yourself - but only on his application." In her experience, qualified older workers take too much of what they can take for granted. And forget about it in the application to indicate at least half of it. "They just do not really touch the drum in their own right, and then it hails cancellations."

Always show everything you can And then it gets worse and worse. They fall into a kind of black hole. "This is a situation that you can not get out of alone, " says Henrike Feltges. "It's important to talk to someone about it now. With a coach or with someone who once again tells you what you can do. Because only those who are convinced of themselves can optimally sell themselves in their application. "

If the first hurdle is taken, and a job interview is in the house, Feltges advises to practice it beforehand.

"In a professional coaching the coach simulates the boss and asks typical questions. It helps to feel secure in the real conversation. "And then she has a special tip:" Take a drink offered in any case. That's polite. If you are too nervous to drink then you can stop it ... "

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