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Joachim Gauck: finally reconciliation with his family

For Joachim Gauck the family is the most important thing.
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Surprise visit at the christening of his great-grandson in Hamburg

The relationship with the son was tense for a long time ...

The greatest wealth in life is the family. Since Joachim Gauck (72) took over the office of Federal President, he feels this more than ever. "With my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren I'm still Jochen ... President or not."

However, this wonderful band to his family was torn for a long time. Especially to son Dr. Christian Gauck (52), a doctor in the "Tabea" hospital in Hamburg, the former pastor had a tense relationship for many years.

Also, because Joachim Gauck separated after 32 years of marriage from his wife Hansi, Christians mom. His son remembers: "My mother was the Abandoned. He went away. He had his new life. My dad did not always treat my mother fairly. "

Father and son had little contact afterwards. But fortunately everything is over today. The family stands for the German head of state, who has been romantically involved with Daniela Schaadt (52) for twelve years, at the top again.

The proof: Only recently visited the President of the baptism of his great-grandson Carlo (four months). His granddaughter Josefine (26) had made him a great-grandpa for the third time.

The celebration allowed the family to grow closer together. In the baroque church Hamburg-Nienstedten the ceremony took place, which had a magic for all. Also for Joachim Gauck !

Son Christian: "The appointment he has kept free and also visited our new house." A proof that the reconciliation of father and son is finally permanent.

This also shows Joachim Gauck's greatest hope. "I wish that we have a harmonious coexistence in peace and quiet, " says the man, who dines with kings and world stars on his own initiative. One notices: even for a head of state, the family is the most important thing in the world.