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Jeanette Biedermann: The Cancer Drama about her father

Jeanette Biedermann is always there for her family.
Photo: Imago / Viennareport

"I learned how fragile my luck is"

That we always hold the threads of our fate in our hands is a fallacy. The singer and actress Jeanette Biedermann (32) had to experience this painfully. She was always the lively sunshine from the TV - until her father Bernd (61) was diagnosed with cancer in the pancreas two years ago!

A stroke of fate that changed her forever. How Jeanette lives today, how her family is, she tells us in an interview.

Nothing is more important to you than family. So right at the beginning: Jeanette, how is your father Bernd?

Jeanette Biedermann: He is much, much better. The whole family is totally happy that he has been successfully operated on. Of course, my father is struggling with the aftermath of this serious illness, but he is doing well. He is so far on a good footing that we can all breathe deeply once.

Are you thinking more about such a diagnosis?

Jeanette Biedermann: Absolutely. One pauses and suddenly realizes that many things in our lives are not self-evident. It taught me how fragile my happiness is - and how fast life can be over.

How has your father 's cancer disease changed the family?

Jeanette Biedermann:: My parents and I have always been a strong community, I have always maintained a very close and loving contact with them. But, of course, such an incident welds more together. You look more closely at each other, say things like "take care!" And "Take a break!" And generally deal more consciously with the topic of health.

Surely your great love, the musician Jörg Weisselberg, gave you strength.

Jeanette Biedermann: Yes, that's right.

They got married in summer. Did the yes-word change anything between you?

Jeanette Biedermann: No, not at all (editor's note: Jeanette Biedermann had been dating Jörg Weisselberg for eight years before the wedding ). But a marriage is already a very big promise of love. And that, of course, gives you more security than you've ever had before. Well founded

She and her husband Jörg and Christian Bömkes the band "Ewig". Does that work?

Jeanette Biedermann: Yes, very good. It's not that my husband Jörg and I are constantly sticking together and Christian does not know what to do with himself. When we make music, we sit together as friends, not as a couple plus a friend.

A new band, a CD, a tour in autumn. There is probably no time for starting a family ...

Jeanette Biedermann: We started a huge family, a band-family (she laughs)! We have 13 musical children - our songs. Each is like a baby for us. And with them we will soon be traveling to 16 concert locations.

That means you do not hear your inner clock tick yet?

Jeanette Biedermann: (She laughs) I'm 32 years old. I have some time left.