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Jay-Z wants to invest in football team

Is interested in football club Arsenal: Jay-Z


Jay-Z / ©

Jay-Z is reportedly planning to put his money in the English football club Arsenal. The hip-hop star ("99 problems") already names the American basketball team New Jersey Nets in part and now wants to enter the world of invest in round leather. He has thrown his eye on his favorite team from London. "I am a businessman and I am always on the look-out for opportunities and if it seems right, why not?" Said the husband of Soul-Queen Beyoncé to "Arsenal Magazine". "I do not know much about football, but if there's a real opportunity in the future, who knows?" Jay-Z also offers free tickets to his team members in the British capital, hoping they'll be just as big Fans of him are like him. "You can watch me at work and then I watch them at work, " says the music mogul. Jay-Z is not the only rapper who expresses interest in English football. P. Diddy wants to give financial support to the kickers of the London club Crystal Palace, after he recently filed for bankruptcy and a penalty in the form of ten penalty points in the Football League Championship - the second highest division in English football - had to accept. An insider revealed to the Sun: "Diddy was in London a few weeks ago to meet some football investors. He could cover their debt and finance their return to the Premier League. "