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Janina Hartwig: "I feel completely at my side

Janina Hartwig's life is the star chef Reiner Fischer. The two got to know each other at a cooking event.
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We love her in her TV role as Sister Hanna. In MEINS, Janina Hartwig talks about her feelings, family - and inspires us with youthful esprit

The smile, the mischievous charm - at the photo shoot for MEINS, Janina Hartwig, 52, puts the whole team in a good mood. Hard to believe that she can sometimes be very resolute in the TV series "For heaven's sake" when she quarrels as a nun Hanna again with the very enterprising mayor Wöller ( Fritz Wepper ) to the monastery Kaltenthal.

For 12 years we have switched on the series (about 6.5 million viewers!) And admire nuns who care not only for God, but also for the world and the people. An attitude that many also wish for in the true official church. "I think that's exactly the reason for the success, " says Janina Hartwig. But of course he has to do with her ...

How much do you deal with religion?

Well, I've been a nun for eight years. It is part of the craft of the actor that I inform myself, what a role I impersonate.

The church is under criticism, most recently because of the scandal surrounding Bishop Tebartz-van Elst ...

Unfortunately, such people divert the true meaning of religion in the wrong direction. Thank God we now have a Pope who gives a lot of hope. And the world looks forward to see if it can enforce what it preaches.

Are you spiritual?

I do not belong to any church denomination. But I believe that there is a higher power. And things between heaven and earth that we can not explain with our human mind. I call it destiny or energy.

She has had good luck in life, and fate has usually meant well with her, Janina Hartwig admits. It started at birth. She was born a few weeks early in East Berlin in 1961, suffered as a baby from a severe lung disease that was considered untreatable at the time. Somehow they got the turn, says Janina Hartwig.

But it was a small miracle that she survived. It sounds like gratitude and modesty when she talks about her life. An important motto of her in everyday life: she approaches everything openly. So first flutter in, then think. Typical for her zodiac ...

They are twin ...

... and a twin talks and likes to philosophize. (Laughing)

But a twin also needs a lot of time for himself.

Yes, especially because shooting days are pretty exhausting. I am in the mask at 8 o'clock, at 9 o'clock shooting starts, and at 19 o'clock most of the time is over. After that I will take care of my family. When I'm stressed, I have to go into the forest, that calms my senses and brings me back to my midst. Then I am completely with me.

Is a healthy diet important to you?

That's a big topic for me! But I'm not a nutritionist fanatic. I love to hit the strings and drink a good wine and eat meat. But then I'm interested in where the meat comes from. I make sure that I do not buy this chicken from the tormenting farm animal husbandry. Meat, which is produced organically and comes from free range, also tastes much better. That's why I'm glad that I can afford to buy mostly organic.

What else Janina Hartwig has revealed in a personal conversation, you can read in the current May issue of Mine!

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