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Jan Smit: His very personal love story

Jan Smit married his childhood sweetheart.
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Wife Liza is his childhood sweetheart

This is rare: Jan Smit (27), who after eight years with "Ich bin da" again published a German-language album, is married to the woman in which he fell in love with 13 years. An incredible love story !

"She did not pay any attention to me at the time, " says the Dutchman in an interview. "She was in my sister's class, three years older, I was 1.30m, had pimples and braces, and of course she was beautiful at 16. I was just a kid, that did not work."

But he never gave up hope: "I tried it every two years and it did not work out." Then his childhood sweetheart Liza married another, even got a child with him, daughter Fem (5).

"I did not have many relationships, " confesses Jan. Did he always know that he and Liza simply belong together? There was a happy ending after Liza's divorce, and in 2011 there was a wedding. "I've always known that she belongs to me, " says Jan Smit .

And as romantic as it sounds, so was the marriage proposal: just below the Eiffel Tower in Paris - on Valentine's Day! "I was already excited - not because I thought she said no, but you do that once ..." And then came the daughter Emma (2).

Jan Smit is happy. That's what you look at him. "Every now and then I also post a picture on Twitter or Facebook, I'm also proud of my children, " says Papa Jan.

In his song "Of all the ones" he sings: "Some would be exactly my case ..." And in the audience many beautiful women often sit. "My wife is very pretty, but of course there are more pretty women, " he says. You can always look at it, my wife always says, 'If you can find a better one, you can go.' A woman only says that when she is completely sure of her husband. "Exactly, " says Jan, who has known his wife Liza for 20 years.

On the 5th of September the third child will come. A son. "She's fine, has no problems, she's in a good mood ... She'll do it." And then he adds, "But I'm of course involved in the birth."

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