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Jan Fedder: When it comes to his mother Gisela, the "hard bull" gets very soft

Jan Fedder
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He always carries the memory in his heart

A real guy - that's the term that comes to mind right away to Jan Fedder. But when it comes to his mother Gisela († 90), the "hard bull" is very soft. With us he reveals what she gave him on the way ...

In your new movie "The Divine Sophie - The Foundling" you take the confession as a pastor. Have you ever confessed? Jan Fedder : No. I live a happy life, am happily married and have nothing to confess. I am always honest, correct and say what I think. Has anyone ever confessed to you? Jan Fedder : Yes. I do not know why. I probably radiate something trustworthy. In hindsight, they always wonder and ask themselves: Why did I just tell that to them? Well, I do not confess, but many confess to me. Then the role of the priest fits very well to you ... Jan Fedder : Yes, you can say that. Could you imagine privately to move to Bavaria? Jan Fedder : No, never. Alone for the smoking ban. Besides, I'm a hamburger . The landscape below is really beautiful and the people are also very nice, but live there? I could never do that. Preaching is also part of your job in film. If you were allowed to preach, what would that be? Jan Fedder : I have preached before. That was in the Hamburg Michel. The main pastor and I have been giving a dialogue sermon. I am also very attached to the church. Do you believe in God? Jan Fedder : Yes, I pray every day and thank you for my wonderful life. Do you also ask for something in prayer? Jan Fedder : No, I'm just thanking. Have there been moments in your life when you have dealt with God? Jan Fedder : Not directly.

You have lost many people close to you in the last year ... Jan Fedder : Yes, last year was a pretty hard year for me. I had to go to seven funerals. That really took me along. Your mother also died at the age of 90 last year. What do you miss especially after your death? Jan Fedder : When an important person dies, one thinks that one would like to have clarified something with him ... But my mother and I have actually discussed everything together. And she had a nice death. It did not last long and we said goodbye for a long time. Which advice is the most important one you got from your mother? Jan Fedder : She used to be a dancer and also wanted me to do something with dancing. We both have always been the artists in our family. We were both circus horses ... ... what do you mean by "circus horses"? Jan Fedder : Circus horses always have to march. My mother marched in her job as a dancer and gymnastics teacher and - I learned from her - me in my job as an actor. We both were never dead. Has your mother also supported you in your acting career? Jan Fedder : No, I already did it all by myself. But we come from the same stable. We march until we fall over. What are you most grateful to your mother for? Jan Fedder : I am most grateful for January 14, 1955, at 8.10 pm (laughs). For my birthday ... Do you believe in a life after death? Jan Fedder : No.

TV Top Tip: On April 15, 2011 at 8:15 pm, Jan Fedder will be performing alongside Michaela May in the ARD comedy "The Divine Sophie - The Foundling".