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Annual Review: The Ten Hottest German Actors 2013

German actors 2013

Hollywood stars are all well and good, but the local actors have some sexy examples too. Elyas, Florian, David and and and ...

Actor annual review
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We present our Top Ten 2013 of the ten hottest German actors of the year.

In November every year, the "People" magazine selects the "Sexiest Man Alive". Although this year - again - no German on the list, but JOY Online has a few suggestions. For even the national cinema offers some of the hottest German actors some sexy contenders for the title. But do not worry, on the list are not just the usual suspects like Moritz Bleibtreu or Daniel Brühl.

The top ten of Germany's hottest actors 2013 are shown in the gallery!

Even if felt in almost every German film Matthias Schweighöfer and Til Schweiger play, there is a reason: The ladies want to see the two finally on the screen! In addition to these two attractive fan favorites, there are still some other men from the ranks of the hottest German actors as alternatives.

Who landed on the list of the ten hottest German actors in 2013? Our 2013 retrospective reveals it!