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Annual Horoscope 2013: Libra (24.9 to 23.10.)

The Joy Annual Horoscope 2013

Next, please! Saturn pulls a leash and your quality of life increases by 100 percent.

Annual Horoscope 2013
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  1. Cosmic situation
  2. love
  3. Career
  4. luck
  5. Caution
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Cosmic situation

From now on, the generous Jupiter takes care of your well-being. His gifts: happiness, success and a lot of love. He is accompanied by the impulsive Uranus who brings fire into your life.


They make a good exchange in 2013. The annoying Saturn thanks, while Uranus charms away your insecurity and lucky charm Jupiter takes charge of your affairs of the heart. This is the era of complicated and / or boring liaisas finally passé. They begin a liaison in February, which ends as hard as it starts. This pattern is repeated throughout the year. You will enjoy your single life: Flirt, seduce - and then the next, please!


In 2013, you are taffer and more self-confident than usual, in addition, the unconventional Uranus and Jupiter ensure that your skills are rewarded. Already in the first three months you can profile yourself. In addition, you manage to get a job opportunity that is lucrative and opens up new perspectives.


In the summer you will meet a woman who could become your best friend and who will accompany you all her life.


In the time of Easter, you have to make a decision that is painful but inevitable. Eyes shut and go for it!

She he

A ram doubles the fun of sex and guarantees unexpected heights. The bull is calmer, but very sensual. The twin has the stuff for the best friend. Cancer does not appreciate your ego show, the lion does it all the more: best choice. The virgin is in the realm of possibility, but unnecessary. Your favorite of the year: Another Libra. The scorpion loves you for the mind: try it out. The shooter is just a great buddy. The Capricorn wants to dominate you: brr! With the Aquarius you have fun. You should eat the fish and then leave.


Only courage, you can record it with anyone in 2013.

Motto 2013: Now I'm catching up with everything. Your chance: reach for the stars and get them out of the sky. Success strategy: address problems directly

Aura: A butterfly that flutters from flower to flower

Love mantra: In my arms every man becomes wax.

Sex: You know what is good for you and ask for it.

Luck formula: find compromises

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