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It's Tea Time! It's so easy to spice up your old dishes

Photo: deco & style

Jugs, cups, table & Co.

It's getting cold outside, what could be better than enjoying a hot cup of tea? But your tea-service is no longer presentable? We can help.

What you need for the pot with photo:

  • household paper
  • Adhesive strips (eg from tesa)
  • sheet of paper
  • Old photo
  • Decoupage adhesive for porcelain (craft shop)
  • teapot
  • Porcelain paint (craft shop)
  • printer
  • scissors
  • fine brush

It's that easy:

1. Stick household paper with Tesafilm on a sheet of paper. Print the photos on household paper.

2. Peel off the upper (printed) layer of household paper and cut into shape.

3. Stick motif layer with decoupage adhesive for porcelain onto the jug. Coat motif with glue and let it dry well.

4. Paint a frame around the photo with a fine brush and porcelain paint.

5. Paint the lid of the pot to match the frame and fix everything according to the manufacturer's instructions in the oven.

Tip: The points around the frame become evenly large when you dip the brush handle in color and press.

What you need for the tea caddy:

  • Holzschatulle
  • Fabric with print in Bordeaux
  • ruler
  • French chalk
  • double-sided adhesive tape
  • fabric scissors

It's that easy:

1. Measure the casket.

2. Depending on the size of the box, transfer the dimensions to the fabric. Cut fabric with 1 cm seam allowance on all edges.

3. Glue the fabric to the sides and the lid with double-sided tape and fold around the edges.

What you need for the cake stand:

  • 2 cups, 2 cups and 1 plate of Wedgwood
  • 2 collection plates
  • 1 big white plate
  • Chocolates, Confiserie
  • about 15 chocolates
  • possibly glass hood (by MadamStoltz)

It's that easy:

1. Stack different plates and cups and fill with chocolates.

What you need for the tea service with heart:

  • Reliefpaste in red for porcelain (by Marabu)
  • Teapot and small bowl

It's that easy:

1. Using the porcelain paint, draw crosses to a heart on teapot and tea bowls. The color is applied directly from the tube.

2. Allow the paint to dry in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. The color is dishwasher safe without burning.

That's what you need for the tea caddies:

  • Tea caddies (eg from the depot, from 6, 99 Euro)
  • Porcelain crayon in brown, pink, pink (eg from Marabu; craft shop)

It's that easy:

1. Clean and degrease tea caddles, if necessary, so that the color adheres well. Paint the branches with the brown porcelain crayon on the cans.

2. Then paint the flowers in pink and put accents in the middle with the pink pencil.

3. Dry the paint according to the manufacturer's instructions and fix if necessary.

You need this for the tea service with diamonds:

  • dc-fix film (craft shop)
  • Jug and mug (flea market)
  • Painter's crepe (eg from MarthaStuart)
  • Colors: Enamel Acrylic Paint, in the colors 4003 Baby Pink, 4016 School Bus Yellow, White (Folk Art about efco)
  • triangle ruler
  • scissors
  • brush

It's that easy:

1. Draw the desired diamond pattern on the paper side of the dc-fix film and make a template from it. Glue template onto jug and beaker. Possibly. Glue a strip of Malerkrepp for masking for a straight edge on the cup.

2. Mix the colors to the desired color and paint the porcelain with them. Carefully peel off the dc-fix film if the paint is still slightly damp. Fix in the oven according to the manufacturer's instructions.

What you need for the autumn tea bags:

  • FimoModelliermasse (craft shop)
  • Acrylic paint (craft shop)
  • Copper leaf (craft shop)
  • Dressing milk (craft shop)
  • Teabag
  • small envelope (stationery)
  • rolling pin
  • pointed knife
  • toothpick
  • brush
  • pen

It's that easy:

1. Roll out the polymer clay approx. 3 mm thin.

2. Carefully cut out the shape of the glans with a sharp knife.

3. Scrape acorn cap contours with a knife, drill a hole in the cap with a toothpick.

4. glans according to manufacturer's instructions.

5. Allow the fimoe to cool down and paint the hat with acrylic paint in gray. Alternatively glue on copper leaf with plant milk according to manufacturer's instructions.

6. Remove the label from the tea bag.

7. Knot teabags to the glans.

8. Label a small envelope and put the teabag in it.

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