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Italian party: napkin ring and candle pot

For the napkin ring:

  • rosemary
  • myrte
  • The pintle
  • fabric napkin
  • scissors

  • small metal cups (deco shop)
  • various thin gift ribbons (eg cord or satin ribbons, decolouring)
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • Vogelsand
  • Bar candles in red and white
  • scissors

Napkin Ring:

1. Cut rosemary into short sections or stalks.

2. Summar rosemary in tufts and wrap with myrtle wire around the pintle. Bend herbal wire into a circle.

4. Fold napkin, place on a plate and place herb ring around the napkin.

Candles Pots:

1. Wrap small metal cups with different thin ribbons. Attach straps with hot glue.

2. Fill the pots with sand and put in small stick candles.

Tip: Super are the leftover Christmas tree candles.

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