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Is Taylor Swift a slut?

Sweet Taylor Swift has three men at the start

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift / ©

The 20-year-old breathless singer also seems to rush breathlessly from love lover to lover in love affairs. Because supposedly, so the National Enquirer, she has currently three types at the start. On the one hand there is Glee star Cory Monteith, officially the man of the hour and her companion for the red carpet. But also with her ex-friends Taylor Swift to maintain an intimate relationship to groom. Recently she was seen with Twilight -Hunk Taylor Lautner at dinner, the two seemed quite familiar - no trace of unpleasant pronunciation after the relationship ends. And Dirty Talker John Mayer still seems to be haunting her. After that she had started dating Lautner, but her mother intervened and did not think the Daughters singer was the right person to handle her daughter. She gave in, but is said to be still secretly meeting with the sexy bard, who does not want to burn anything. How seriously she takes matters with Cory is not clear. The two of them are flirting violently whenever they are seen together, and Mama Swift does not seem to be averse to the relationship either, but Taylor is said to have said the actor is a bit too tame for her taste. You can hardly blame her: who once had a werewolf and the craziest lust of the celebrity world on the hook, will hardly settle for a harmless guy like Cory Monteith. What do you think, who is the perfect match for Taylor Swift?

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