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iPhone 6 Plus bends - scandal on the expensive smartphone

The iPhone 6 Plus has a decisive mistake ...
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More and more owners complain about problems

It is barely five days old, since the new iPhone 6 Plus has already caused a scandal: Apparently, the chic aluminum device is not really resistant ...

How to fix this problem with Apple probably? Shortly after the release of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, there are already first complaints. The new extra-large iPhone 6 Plus can seem to bend quite easily and that, if you carry it in your pocket. #bendgate was born and now moves on Twitter and Facebook.

Oups, l'iPhone 6 se déforme dans la poche!

- Florian Paulmier (@ FlorianP123) September 23, 2014

After some back and forth on the authenticity of the pictures, an American blogger decided to take the acid test and took his brand new iPhone 6 Plus with a heavy heart as a test object. What came out of it probably would not have made him very happy. The iPhone 6 Plus actually bended - and stayed that way.

In a second video he underwent the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which has a similar size, the same test. This could be bent under force, but then immediately took on its old form again. The iPhone 6 Plus got a neat crack on the display when trying to get it back to its old state. Ooops!

Understandably, many of the buyers of the new iPhone are quite disappointed. Who would expect the brand new iPhone 6 Plus to bend in your pocket? From another side, there was already an (not serious) alternative use suggestion for the smartphone:

That had to come. #bentgate #apple

- Christian Meyer (@ganzbeitrost) September 24, 2014

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