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Interview Andreas Gabalier: Exclusive interview with the hairdresser

At the hairdresser's visit to "Frau Tolle" Andreas Gabalier speaks openly about his hair.
Photo: Michael de Boer / action press for Bauer Stars & Stories (We thank "Frau Tolle" for the friendly support.)

"Slowly I get receding hairline"

With his current album "Mountain Man", Andreas Gabalier musically takes a different approach than before. He has remained true to his hairstyle. In the exclusive interview with Bauer STARS & STORIES Gabalier speaks openly about his unusual greatness.

Andreas Gabalier in an interview:

Andreas, how often do you go to the hairdresser?

About every three weeks - always depends on how I am at home. I have to decide then: Either I let the hair stand a little longer - then I only have to go every two months. Or I wear the hair on the side very short, because I have to cut faster, because otherwise they get a rather unfortunate length. The transition is always a bit ugly.

Do you have a hairdresser?

Yes, there is a hairdresser in Graz, who is my regular hairdresser. But I also let others on my hair. I spend so little time at home that I do not want to waste the rest that I have with sitting at the barber's. I like to take breaks in the inner cities, eat something delicious and go to the next hair salon if it fits.

Are there certain care rituals for your hair?

No. But maybe it would not hurt to make provisions for the future (laughs and exaggerates ). I wash my hair, otherwise I do not do anything.

Before going to bed or in the morning?

In the evening. I never go to bed without a shower! In the morning I have a nice pony. But that's how very few people see me.

What are you doing in the wild to keep her going?

Nothing special. I always get the most varied pomades for free. I will spend the next 20 years consuming all of them.

Do you know "Bad Hair Days"?

Yes, sure. Then the great just does not want to sit properly. But there I have to go through. I'm not a girl.

Do you wear a cap?

Very rare. Sometimes we fly somewhere early in the morning somewhere. Then I usually have no desire to blow dry and therefore put on a cap. But that's mostly laziness. Sometimes I do that at home too.

Do you already have gray hair?

Luckily not! But the receding hairline comes slowly ...

The current album by Andreas Gabalier: "Mountain Man"

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