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Intelligence (natural) Blonde women are smarter!

Blond = stupid? A study proves: The opposite is the case!
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Study refutes stupidity myth!

Now is finally over with the eternal prejudices! A study from Ohio State University proves: Blondes have a higher IQ value than redhead, brown-haired AND black-haired.

Exactly 10, 878 blond people have participated in this Ohio State University study.

For study leader Jay Zagorsky it is an important insight, because: Prejudices can have an impact on a person's entire life. For example, they have less chance of finding a job and are more likely to be discriminated against in everyday life.

In the study, the intelligence quotient of the blonde was tested, including her vocabulary and mathematical knowledge. The result looks like this:

- Blond women had an average IQ of 103.2

- Brunettes an average IQ of 102.7

- Redheads have an average IQ of 101.2

- Black-haired an average IQ of 100.5

According to Zagorsky, the results also agree with those of blond men.

"Because of the small difference, you can not necessarily say that blond people are smarter than others, " says Zagorsky. " What you can definitely say is that blonde people are NOT stupider than others! "

There you are. Go then!


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