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Instagram introduces new image title editing feature

Once a typo made and the holiday snapshot is on Instagram - unfortunately you can not change the headings in the image service. At least until now.

It was not so easy to fix bugs on Instagram so far.
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Yesterday, Instagram was pleased with the news: "We've added a feature that will allow you to go back and change your image captions, so if you're sharing Instagram for a moment, do not get in the way of a typo ." We say thank you!

So far, only Facebook had offered a feature that allows you to edit posts in retrospect. To be honest, we had been waiting for the update from Instagram for quite some time, because if the bugger creeps in under a nice picture, that is of course particularly annoying.

Here's how it works: To edit posts already published, simply click on the "Edit" button below the image and erase the error - and of course, do not forget to load the update.