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Inspiring video: Selfless people save animals in need

This dog is floating on an ice floe in the middle of the sea. But he is saved ...
Photo: Screenshot YouTube / Nicholas Anthony Martin

Less selfishness, more (animal) love

Be it ice-cold water or life-threatening cliffs: these people take on almost everything to save animals from dangerous situations.

This video shows that it pays to believe in the goodness of people and to do good.

The clip below is a great collection of touching, adventurous and dangerous rescue operations. These people have selflessly campaigned for the welfare of animals and freed them from sometimes very dangerous situations.

So a man in the UK climbs down a very steep cliff to free a helpless little lamb. A police officer in the US stops traffic during rush hour to allow a duck family to cross the road. Residents help 30 stranded dolphins in Brazil back into the open sea.

The list of good deeds is long. The best way is the effect of the video, if you just look at it yourself. Here below is the moving compilation of good deeds in full length.

Incidentally, the dolphin rescue can also be seen in detail here.