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Inner unrest? Seven ways to more peace

You can also breathe out of inner restlessness - preferably outdoors in the fresh air
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  1. Balm for the soul: This is how you can combat inner turmoil
  2. 1. Enjoy green tea
  3. 2. Taste the jasmine
  4. 3. Breathe away tension
  5. 4. Press the relax point
  6. 5. Take someone in your arms
  7. 6. Nibble a snack for strong nerves
  8. 7. Laugh as often as possible

Balm for the soul: This is how you can combat inner turmoil

Do you suffer from inner restlessness? "If you are in a hurry, go slowly, " is a wisdom. Just right, says the medicine. We give you 7 tips for more inner peace.

Our everyday life is getting more hectic, but the nerve endurance with age decreases. In doing so, inner restlessness can damage the heart and blood vessels, cause migraines or stomach problems. To turn off.

We are constantly under power, stress is already almost everyday. Job, family, friends ... and where do we stay?

Between all the obligations that our lives entail, it is no wonder that more and more people are suffering from inner unrest .

And everyone can think that this stress is not good for the body .

That is why we have put together seven ways for you to inner peace :

1. Enjoy green tea

You have to solve a tricky task? Then green tea is ideal. It contains the protein L-Theanin, which enhances mood and promotes concentration.

Even a cup helps to better master stress situations. In addition, the messenger GABA is included. It has a direct effect on the nerves, relaxes and relieves nervousness.

2. Taste the jasmine

If you can not get your head out in the evening, a jasmine scented candle will help you relax. Their essential oils stimulate the production of Enkephalin - the hormone relieves pain and cheers up. In addition, the endorphin level increases. The happiness hormone makes everyday fears and worries disappear.

3. Breathe away tension

When tense, the body automatically accelerates breathing. If you counter, stop the release of stress hormones.

How it works: inhale slowly through the nose to the abdomen and count to five. Feel with your hand, as the abdominal wall lifts. Then slowly exhale through the mouth and count to 15. Repeat this exercise five to ten times.

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4. Press the relax point

According to Far Eastern medicine, a short finger pressure is enough to simply dissolve stress.

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Here's how it works: On the inner side of the lower leg you will find the acupressure point for relaxation four fingers above the ankle. Sit down comfortably, place one foot on the thigh of the other leg and massage the point 30 times counterclockwise.

5. Take someone in your arms

Do you feel tense? Then hug a person you like. Because that slows down the release of the stress hormone cortisol - and sends reassurance signals to the brain.

6. Nibble a snack for strong nerves

Whether hazelnut, almond or cashew nuts contain everything that strengthens our nerves. Your protein Tryptophan lifts mood and concentration. Contained magnesium relaxes and B vitamins protect the nerves from damage. Enjoy a handful of nuts daily.

7. Laugh as often as possible

Laughing for a few minutes relaxes as much as 20 minutes of jogging, researchers say. Because shortly thereafter, the blood pressure drops and cortisol is broken down. In addition, a lot of happiness hormones are distributed.