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In white-cream planted balcony box

  • white balcony box (eg

      from OBI)
    • potting soil
    • 3 pots filled Tazetten in white / cream
    • 3 plank primroses in yellow
    • 3-4 primroses in white
    • 4 pots of variegated ivy
    • 2-3 pots of tulips in cream / white
    • 1 small hanging willow tree

    1. Fill balcony box halfway with earth.

    2. Carefully remove the plants from their pots and place in the balcony box.

    3. Fill the box with more soil and press on plants.

    4. Pour planting.

    Tip: If the balcony box should be exposed to direct rain, choose a model with drain (hole)!