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In the last second: Impotent child saved from the car

It is the nightmare of every mother: the child in the heat of the car, but the doors do not open. That happened to a mother from Meschede. In the last second her impotent child could be freed from the car.

In a car, it can quickly become life-threatening
Photo: Istock

The mother was in the afternoon with her little daughter (3) in the outdoor pool. As she seated the child in the back seat, she threw the key beside it. As she slammed the back door, all the doors automatically locked and could not be opened. The child sat strapped in the car.

At first, the mother tried to organize a replacement key by phone. When her child became unconscious, she alerted the police at the last minute. They hit a disk.

This example shows how fast a hot car can become a danger to children and animals. This mother also underestimated the danger and almost paid for the life of her child. The little girl was taken to hospital with a heat stroke.

How hot it really can be in a car, you can find out here.

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