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There is fragrance in the air in this dinette

summer colors

Spaces seem bigger and more alive when the walls are divided into two areas. The second advantage: only designing a part of a complex technology saves money.

When the lilac is blooming Carefree summer feeling: Through the interior shutters the sunlight gently falls. The scent of freshly cut lilac is in the air, and its delicate color adorns the upper walls. The lower area, delimited by a shelf, is held in an earthy tone, matching the Loomchairs were painted. To emphasize the line structure of the fleece, a beige glaze was applied. The carpet, which consists of tiles that are laid in a checkerboard pattern, is also linearly structured.

A penchant for nostalgia

You have a romantic vein? If you want to style your dinette in this style, collect what is playful and flowery, and arrange it in front of a wall in lilac - sheer nostalgia.

Manufacturer: Wall decoration: emulsion paint "Velvet 85": Caparol. Wind lights "TLight", about 9 euros: the laundry. Jars, from about 17 euros, ceramic bowls, about 14 euros.

change of direction

Good that there is the goat hair fabric as a tile product. Because with stains they can be exchanged easily. The rib look creates a fine pattern when the tiles are placed side by side.

Manufacturer: carpet tiles "Interland", color 628, 50 x 50 cm, about 42 € / sqm: Tretford. Watering can, about 20 Euro: Butlers. Basket bag, outside with fabric, about 33 euros: Souk.

The color combination

Top-to-bottom color tones: Onyx 10, Aprico 25, Velvet 85, Onyx 35 and Teppiebon No. 628.

Manufacturer: Wall design: FantasticFleece, Lino pattern, "Onyx 10" color, "Onyx 10" lacquers, "Onyx 35", "Aprico 25", disperse paint "Velvet 85": Caparol. Carpet tiles "Interland", color 628, 50 x 50 cm, about 42 Euro / sqm: Tretford. Pillow fabrics "Mini Flower" and "Happy Stripes", each approx. 32 Euro / m: Saum & Viebahn. Loomchair's "Dinner", 83 x 63 x 60 cm, ca. 685 Euro: Accente. Dining table "Liatorp", height 74 cm, diameter 110 cm, approx. 230 Euro: Ikea. Pendant light "Omega", approx. 230 Euro: Lumina. Ceramic wall plate, about 80 euros, pot, about 46 euros, bowls, about 14 euros: Car. Vase "Frappé", about 20 euros, kitchen towels "Mix it": Butlers. Bag, about 33 euros: souk. Bread dish "Emiko", about 18 Euro, pot "Heidi" (in the cupboard), about 20 Euro, mug "Heidi", breakfast plate "Heidi": Habitat.

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