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Cooking becomes a pleasure in this kitchen

Before, afterwards

In a modern way nature sets the tone in this kitchen.

A kitchen with feel-good guarantee: through improved workflows and a fresh look. It is characterized by white lacquer, light wood, sunny red and the slate look of the floor. Cooking is now done on a kind of island. There is also space for an integrated dining counter. Fresh air is provided by an extractor hood with glass shelf. Even microwave and oven, which are installed at arm level, make the work noticeably more comfortable.


The kitchen was functional, but not very comfortable.


The hotplate was outsourced as a block, the kitchen extension extended, so that the previously unused window area offers parking space. With the new color and material concept, the kitchen now radiates modern naturalness.

Orderly relationships

The best recipe for comfort: a friendly color mix and open spaces. Half-height wall cabinets and wooden shelves relax the ambience.

Can it be a cappuccino?

Italian-style breakfast: The coffee machine dispenses espresso and milk foam for a latte macchiato at the push of a button. Cups are hanging close to the railing system.
For this purpose, a coffee machine is suitable for everyone.

Crunchy start to the day

Just right for those who like toast toast and egg. Everything has its place on the porcelain tray with its integrated egg, toast and cup holder. 7 x 31 x 20 cm, mug, height 11 cm, 14.95 euros, impressions,

Manufacturer: Kitchen Furniture "Le Havre", appliances, sink, Countertop: Kitchen & Co. Bar chair "Vela / A": Accademia. Wall lamp "Nolita", about 215 Euro: Marset. Floor tiles "Zoom", approx. 60 Euro / sqm: V & B. railing system "Linero 2000": Kesseböhmer. Venetian blind "Lindholm", planters "Farin": Ikea. Shopping Bag "Carry", approx. 85 Euro: Hey-Sign. Soap dispenser: Butlers. Wall clock, about 35 euros: the laundry. Fully automatic espresso machine "Siemens TK 73001": Otto. Knife: Rosendahl. Wine bottle rack "Cacti": Habitat. Knife block, salad bowl and cutlery "Ekobo": scale. Pot "Skänka", glasses "Pokal", plate set "Färgrik": Ikea. Storage container "Panda", kitchen towel: Habitat. Punch "Minuet": Butlers. Knife block: Scale. Fully automatic espresso machine "Siemens TK73001": Otto. Railing system "Linero 2000": Kesseböhmer. Glasseset: Impressions. Mug "Stripe": The living siblings.