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Interview: Ingo Naujoks about his marriage war

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Actor Ingo Naujoks has been living in Berlin for many years with his girlfriend Corinna, their two children and their son Lou (5). The perfect patchwork idyll - you might think so. But someone is missing: the 15-year-old Luna from the first marriage of the television stars and musicians. In the interview, the 49-year-old reveals how he handles the separation from his daughter ...

Luna lives in Bochum. How much does that hurt you? Ingo Naujoks : It hurts a lot. I met Corinna and her two children when Luna was just six. As I have often thought: Why am I sitting here with strange children and not with my birth daughter? I give them all my love, while the human child, which is my own flesh and blood, is 600 kilometers away from me. I found that unfair. What is the contact with Luna? Ingo Naujoks : We meet regularly, but usually only on Saturdays and Sundays. That's hard for me. Then I always play the weekend dad. I'm always in a good mood and spoil her. On Monday, everyday life starts again, without Luna. Then I rant with the children I live with under one roof. Often I think: What am I an asshole. My daughter gets icing sugar on her head, and the others gripe at you. Do you also differentiate between the love between your physical and Corinna children? Ingo Naujoks: Let's put it this way: No matter what a kidney would need, it would get it. I love them all for the world. But nevertheless, I believe that the emotional attachment to the biological offspring is different. Is there something in your life that you regret? Ingo Naujoks: The quarrels during my marriage. Luna was always right in the middle of things when the scraps of my then wife and I flew. It got very loud and my daughter had to experience it all. It was awful that I did this to Luna. Even the wounds that I and my daughter have suffered, I would have gladly spared us.

Why have not you married your partner yet, even though you have already made several applications? Ingo Naujoks: When we got to know each other, we were both freshly divorced. I was deeply in love with Corinna and I made her two marriage proposals. But now I'm scared to marry her. Why? Ingo Naujoks: I remember how my last marriage failed. At that time I never thought that I would get into such a situation. What happened then? Ingo Naujoks: It was not a nice break. We argued a lot. Among other things, it was about money. I have always been a generous person and never thought that my ex-wife behaved like that. After all, we shared many years together and she got to know me well over time. She knows my financial situation. There is a lot of money, sometimes not much. If the maintenance was due and I just did not have any money, she still demanded it. She just had to wait a few days until the money was in my account. How did you feel then? Ingo Naujoks: Not good. I've been wondering all the time: how did I earn that? If I have money, my ex-wife also gets money. But if I do not have anything, then unfortunately I can not pay her anything. I'm not a miser, and she knows that too. When I noticed how bitter-sweet it all is, I was afraid of a second marriage. That's where the mistrust comes through ... Ingo Naujoks: Exactly. Although a marriage between me and Corinna does not really change anything. I love her and we even have a child together. I also want her to be my wife, but I can not get that last step, though I really want it. Inwardly, something resists tremendously in me and I do not know how to handle it. Have you already secured and made a will? Ingo Naujoks: No. That's because I can not handle this system. Insurance, insurance, employment office - that overtaxes me. I do not refuse, but I just do not understand it. Corinna also constantly says that I have to protect my family. If I have a car accident and go into a coma, she can not even visit me because we are not married. That should still be an incentive to marry ... Ingo Naujoks: Yes, actually. That's completely idiotic of me. But I think I will do that too. Maybe not this year, but for my 50th birthday that would be nice.

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