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On the contrary: Dome Queens with a heart for singles

Jule (l.) And Anni from "on the contrary" - couplers of passion
Photo: On the contrary

Online Dating

Dating sites with dodgy profile photos are like sand by the sea. Fortunately, Anni and Jule have a loving alternative: Berliners introduce new singles every week in their online magazine "on the contrary". We asked the matchmakers for the interview.

Congratulations on the great idea! How did you come to this? Was there any personal use?

We came - discreetly drunk - on the idea, since there was nothing comparable to our knowledge. In addition, we just could not believe how many great singles we have in our circle of friends. Our intention was to offer singles a platform where they would be presented in a very personal, loving and aesthetically pleasing way. The more time we invest in the portrait of a single, the better it gets. Anni is married forever, but really likes to pimp. Jule too - but she is currently single. So a little self-consumption idea was already there. Meanwhile, you can watch Jules portrait here .

What do you see about the advantages over other online dating sites? Why should one join you?

The difference to the classic single exchange is that it is on the contrary an online magazine, where singles are presented weekly. To be portrayed by us is free, the contact to the singles also. We have no fakes or deadlocked algorithms to look for size, weight, or hair color from your potential partner. We have a high aesthetic standard and close contact with all those portrayed.

It all happens in a friendly way with us. We do not stand for "mass-produced goods", but handpicked portraits. We also have a blog where everything from the first date to marriage is taken apart.

Are you even after the portrait?

We give our best. There were a lot of people applying. But we try to do justice to everyone who fits on our platform.

What do you think of the term "hipster brokerage"?

Today every Berliner who starts something on the internet is automatically a hipster . We do not label ourselves that way, but we have no problem with it when the public does that. Dear hipster brokerage, as a boring brokerage!

How many couples could you bring together happily?

By now it is about 25% of our portrayed. That makes us crazy. It's worth the hard work for that. There is nothing better than to give love and help with finding a partner.

The Question of All Questions: Why are so many great women and men single?

This is probably due to the internet generation, but certainly also to the big city vibe. You can have everything, do everything, emigrate tomorrow; There are endless possibilities for self-realization. And certainly there is a lot of fear, which is a big issue in our society. 'If I tell him now that I'm in love and he's not, I'm totally embarrassed.' Then you better leave it, so as not to be a loser. Sometimes just a little bit of courage is missing for luck. Disappointments are part of life. Nevertheless, one can meet a great person unexpectedly the next moment. On the internet and on the street. That makes the single life so exciting!

Where would you like to see the other side in the future?

As the largest lovingly and sustainably designed single platform on the Internet. At the moment we are active in Berlin, Hamburg and Rostock. On the other hand, we will be expanding to Munich, Cologne, Vienna, in the spring and trying to get anywhere where it is burning.

Last question - we are already big fans of you - how can you join? And which criteria do you have to fulfill?

Just apply on the contrary . You should be roughly between 20 and 40 and with a nice photo and a few exciting sentences about him. No matter if fat, thin, gay, straight, big nose, small hands: everyone can apply to us.

Well, then: On your marks, get ready, fall in love! We wish you much success.

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