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"I would like more time for my family!"

Sky Dumont (62) with his wife Mirja (33)
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Sky du Mont exclusive in THE NEW:

Hamburg - actor Sky du Mont (62) admits in the exclusive interview with DAS NEUE that he has too little time for the family. He says, "I would like to be more husband and dad, but I have not taken care of it, I pay taxes heavily and try to work as long as the public wants to see me, but working less would be nice." Wife Mirja (33) complains when Sky du Mont is rarely at home. The actor: "And she's right ..."

Sky du Mont is married in a fourth marriage to Mirja Becker. From this marriage come the children Tara (8) and Fayn (2). Son Justin (17) comes from a previous marriage. Sky and Mirja du Mont are married in September for nine years. The couple lives in Hamburg.

Sky de Monts biggest hits include "Eyes Wide Shut" (1999) and "The Shoe of Manitu" (2001).

Read the entire interview in the latest issue 33 of THE NEW.

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