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"I'm glad Sophie did not get a divorce crack"

Photo: Carmen Lechtenbrink EXCLUSIVE for THE NEW LEAF

Visiting actor Volker Lechtenbrink (65) and his daughter (17)

Actor, singer, lyricist, presenter, director, book author - Volker Lechtenbrink can do it all. Privately he likes his role as father (Saskia, 42, Robert, 42, Sophie, 17) best. He has a particularly close relationship with his baby.

They had made something rare for a long time. What was the reason?

I only actually get in touch when I really have something to say.

And right now you have something to say?

Yes. I recently shot an Inga Lindström movie, I am currently in Hamburg with the piece "Frost / Nixon" on stage, then play in Munich theater. I also wrote a book.

What is this about?

A mixture of autobiography, anecdotes and general considerations about life and work.

Sophie has already been on stage with you. Does she want to follow in your footsteps?

She does not know that yet. In my opinion, she is really gifted, but of course she has to decide for herself.

They both seem to understand each other well.

Yes. We are one heart and one soul. When you divorced your third wife, Anja Topf, Sophie was only three.

Was there never stress or problems?

No. Anja and I have always decided everything for the benefit of the child. We also have a joint custody. When I see Sophie today, I know: she did not get a divorce crack. I'm glad about that.

But her youngest lives with her mother.

But we live very close. Sophie also has a room with me. And if you feel like it, then she comes.

Do you also travel together?

Sure, of course. We were just together on the "MS Germany". The whole ship was in love with my daughter. That was great.

What about your two older children?

I also have a great relationship with Saskia. That was not always the case. In the beginning it was more difficult. That was just another time. The relationship with Robert (adopted, the Red.) Is still very close. I have very tender children. They all smooch me, even the boy.

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