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Hyperlapse app with new feature - the Selfielapse!

That is fun! Thanks to the Hyperlapse update, the time-lapse videos are now also available from the selfie perspective.
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Now there's a selfie update for the video app Hyperlapse

Selfies in video format! The free app Hyperlapse now also offers a self-portrait feature. How it works and why we will all soon post a selfielapse, we reveal here.

It takes a bit of practice to take pictures at 45 degrees angle on the outstretched arm. But according to studies, almost anyone under the age of 35 has this routine . By now one third of all pictures on our smartphones are self portraits. On Instagram alone, more than 250 million selfies have been posted online under the hashtag #me. And soon there will be some more - in video form! Thanks to the update, the free App Hyperlapse makes it possible to record and share time-lapse videos from the "selfie" perspective. The advantage of the app: It uses the image stabilizer of the iPhone and an algorithm that ensures that the video sequences are output without wobbling.

What's new about Hyperlapse?

Hyperlapse we have already presented here. Now the video app has been supplemented with a "selfie" function. This can be adjusted by a simple click on a button in the main menu. The camera's shooting mode can now toggle between forward and backward adjustment. The selfielapse videos can be shared like all other hyperlapse clips on the Instagram profile and the Facebook page or saved on the smartphone.

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