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Wooden box for flowers with vase motif made of paper

  • Wooden box (hardware store / decolouring)
  • cream-colored lacquer (eg

      2-in-1 varnish from Alpina; hardware store)
    • Paper in turquoise (stationery)
    • Decopatch adhesive (eg from Brause, craft shop)
    • glass vessel
    • 18-20 stems Ranunculus
    • 5-10 stems of roses
    • 2-4 stems snowball
    • 2-3 stems Spirea
    • brush
    • Paper and pencil
    • scissors
    • soft brush
    • secateurs
    • knife

    1. Paint wooden box with paint. Let dry.

    2. Record outlines of a vase and transfer four times to the turquoise paper. Cut out vases.

    3. Soak paper briefly in water. Coat one side of the wooden box with Decopatch glue.

    4. Place paper and brush with Decopatch glue again. Treat the remaining sides of the box as well.

    5. Place a glass jar filled with water in the finished wooden box.

    6. Free stems of flowers from excess green.

    7. Assemble flowers to a mixed bouquet, creating the stems spirally.

    8. Shorten the bouquet to the vase length with the rose scissors.

    9. Cut the ends of the stems diagonally for better water absorption.

    10. Put the bouquet in the vase.

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