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Stool with wooden discs

  • Stool (eg

      Model "Frosta" from IKEA; about 8 euros)
    • Lacquer in light green (eg 2-in-1 lacquer from Alpina, DIY store)
    • Wooden discs in different sizes (craft shop)
    • Small tin clear coat (craft shop, about 3 euros)
    • 2 packs of grout in white (craft shop)
    • 1 wide and 1 fine brush
    • Mixing bowl
    • spatula

    1. Stool, except for the seat, light green, let it dry.

    2. Apply a clear coat of wood on one side so that it will not be damaged by the moisture of the grout. Let dry.

    3. Mix the grout according to the manufacturer's instructions in a bowl and coat with a wide spatula on the seat.

    4. Firmly press in the grout with the painted side downwards. Let it dry thoroughly.

    Tip: If the stool is to be used as seating, the seat can be additionally fixed with clear lacquer.