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Crochet PatternTo crochet a sofa cover

Crochet blanket: We have this gemstucked ourselves. The right instructions are here with us.

You can simply hang this blanket yourself
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An on the sofa and nice cuddle? It's easy with our self-crocheted blanket. Or in other words, it is sooo comfortable that we do not want to get up again. Try it yourself.

That's what you need:

  • Schachenmayr original Sun City, 500 g in natural Fb 00002 (A)
  • 150 g of poppy Fb 00231 (B)
  • 100 g each in pool Fb 00265 (C) and may green Fb 00273 (D)
  • each 50 g in Cyclam Fb 00134 (E) and mottled gray Fb 00192 (F)
  • Milward crochet hook No. 3, 5-4, 5 and 3-4

And this is how it's done:
The blanket is made up of individual granny squares and the size of your blanket can be made very variable. Our information refers to a blanket of 49 granny squares (7 x 7), which gives a size 95 x 95 cm. A Granny Square is about 11.5 x 11.5 cm tall.
1. Crochet a total of 49 Granny Squares (consisting of 5 rounds) using needle size 3.5-4.5 using the following color distributions:
24x - 1st to 5th round: in A.
8x - 1st round in B, 2nd and 3rd round in A, 4th and 5th round in C
8x - 1st round in B, 2nd and 3rd round in A, 4th and 5th round in D
5x - 1st round in B, 2nd and 3rd round in A, 4th and 5th round in E
4x - 1st round in B, 2nd and 3rd round in A, 4th and 5th round in C
Start with 4 airmiles and close the sts with 1 sl st in the ring and work the 1st round crochet pattern. Reshare to the beginning of each new Rd with the appropriate color, close each round with 1 sl st. After crochet script 2 work with needle No. 3-4 in Fb B 25 hearts, with
Start 1 thread loop. The thin, gray line indicates the transition from the 1st to the 2nd round.
2. Completion: Sew hearts in the middle of the multicolored Granny Squares. Crochet the granny squares together with needle size 3.5-4.5 to the blanket by first crocheting together 7 granny squares (alternately one and more colors, offset in the next row). Place the corresponding Granny Squares on the right side on the right side and crochet them together in a matching color with a fixed M, while only gripping the outer cuttings of both Granny Squares. Then crochet the rows together to the blanket, at the same time crossing over the crossing points with 1 Luftm. With color natural and needle no. 3.5-4.5, crochet the blanket with 1 round solid M, replacing the 1st solid M with 1 air m, and work 3 solid sts in the air bends at the corners. Close the round with 1 sl st. Continue with 3 airm to the next round, crochet in each M 1 tr, in the corner-M each work 5 tr. Crochet 1 round with 1 sl st in uppermost of 3 beginner's air. Crochet one round of bows with color of poppy seeds: * Crochet 4 rounds, work 2 tr, 1 work in sts, repeat from * round, round with 1 sl st in vented airm shut down. If the existing M-number is not divisible by 3, go to balance once or twice only 1 tr.

The instructions are available for download here.