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Crochet Tutorial: How to crochet your skirt and scarf in gypsy style

Crochet skirt and scarf: Here we show you how to crochet a skirt with matching scarf in gypsy look.

Photo: Lana Grossa

GYPSY-ROCK ORGANICO Sizes: 34/36 (38/40) 42/44
The data for Gr 38/40 are in parentheses, for Gr 42/44 behind the parentheses. If there is only one specification, this applies to all sizes.

Material: Lana Grossa Linea Pura quality "Organico" (100% organic cotton, LL = 90 m / 50 g), 100 g black (Fb 14), 100 g blue (Fb 67), 100 g red (Fb 58), 100 g Aqua (Fb 80), 100 g Yellow (Fb 54), 100 g Pink (Fb 59) and 50 g White (Fb 7). Each 1 crochet No. 4 and No. 5. Elastic cord, 1.5 mm in black, item 971064/045 from Prym.
Basic pattern 1: hStb, crochet 3 hStb (= 1 stb group) into a puncture site or between 2 stb group of the pre-R.
Color sequence: 3 R Red, 2 R Blue, 1 R Aqua, 2 R Black, 1 R
Aqua, 2 R Pink, 1 R Yellow, 2 R Blue, 2 R Red, 2 R Black,
1 R White, 2 R Aqua, 2 R Pink, 1 R Yellow, 2 R Blue, 2 R Red, 2 R
Black, 1 R White, 2 R Aqua, 2 R Pink, 2 R Yellow, 1 R Aqua,
2 R Yellow, 1 R Blue, 2 R Red, 2 R Black, 2 R Pink, 2 R Aqua,
2 R Blue, 1 R Red, 1 R Yellow, 1 R Red, 2 R Black, 2 R Pink, 0
(1) 1 R Yellow and 0 (0) 1 R Aqua.
Note: In the manual all Lftm, hStb and Stb are called M.
Crochet samples: Crochet 12 sts and 9 sts in basic pattern with number 5 = 10 x 10 cm. 5 R measured at the top (= later increases in the middle of the skirt) = 10 cm high.
Note: The back and front skirt is crocheted diagonally from top to bottom. The arrow in the section overview indicates the crochet direction.
Back skirt: Cast on 4 sl st in red with size 5, close the length with 1 sl st in round and crochet according to pattern 1 starting in basic pattern. Make the increases for the side bevel (= upper skirt) as shown. Crochet the 1st - 5 R 1 x, then continue with it. After 12 (13) 14 R from the stop the side lines are reached. Continue crocheting now, continue the increases for the top of the front center of the skirt as before, and crochet 1 row less on the sidelines as shown in Crochet 2. The R marked with a indicates the last R before the beginning of the sidelines. Carry out the Stb groups between R-beginning and R-end as before = 24 (26) 28 tr in groups per R. For the side slants after 5 R from the beginning of the side lines in the first and last gap before the edge tr again 1 Crochet stb group. These increases still 2 x in each success. 10. R wdh = 30 (32) 34 stb groups.
After 86 cm = 43 R from the stop (= measured at the front of the skirt) divide the work for the edge of the hem and finish the other pages separately, for the straight hem line at the dividing edge according to crochet pattern 3 in each R per 1 tr group
crochet less. The R marked with a indicates the last R before the division. Continue the margin for the sideline at the right edge as before. Leave the last stb group untreated after 14 (15) 16 R from division. Now according to crochet
3 Connect the thread with 1 Kettm to the stb group of the front of the skirt and finish the opposite side.
Front skirt part:
Crochet the same way. Working out: Tighten, moisten and let parts dry. Close side seams. For the waistband, crochet the upper edge of the skirt with Nd No. 4 in blue with 7 rounds dc. Before the 1st Fe M every Rd 1 Lftm additionally arb.
Close each round with 1 sl st in 1st fe st. Depending on the required width, work approx. 90 - 100 (104 - 114) 116 - 130 fe sts per round. For better grip on inner waistband pull in 3 - 4 rows elastic drawstring. Crochet the lower edge of the skirt with Nd No. 4 in black with 3 round fe sts.

Download the instructions here.