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Help, I will be like my mother!

The "Gilmore Girls" Lorelai and Rory are becoming more and more similar from season to season
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10 signs that we are becoming more and more like our mom

Why do many daughters become like their mothers, even though they never wanted to do that? Suddenly, around 30, we realize that we also clear the table immediately after eating. What's going on there? And 9 more signs of similarity.

Actually, it is quite simple: What our mothers show us, we unconsciously look after ourselves as children for years every day . We get used to certain rituals that we do not question because they do not attract our attention. What has stuck to the mother-daughter similarity, we usually notice only when we start our own independent life. For example, move to your own apartment. Suddenly, we catch ourselves, just like nuts, pouring the jam out of the glass into small bowls. Or go back to the apartment every once in a while to see if we have turned off the stove.

Often we are made aware of this by the partner, but few respond relaxed to a "You're already like your mother" . Usually such a statement is perceived as an insult, because it comes as a blanket verdict and does not really explain what exactly bothers the partner in one. And: Everyone wants to portray their own personality and not be accused of imitating the mother . But in principle, it pays to think about why you adopted habits of the mother that you always found annoying yourself. On closer inspection you may realize that it really makes sense to undergo a shirt in winter or that it is actually rude to be late. If that is the case, you can keep the property and most likely pass it on to your own daughter .

10 signs that we are becoming more and more like our mom

1. You always make sure that your friend is dressed warmly

2. You sometimes accidentally call your friend daddy

3. You always build a paper seat in public toilets

4. You come to appointments constantly too early

5. You usually count on the worst

6. You clear the table right after the last bite

7. You would never leave your apartment untidy

8. You offer your friends snacks right away when they visit

9 pm is the ideal time to go to bed

10. You collect loyalty points