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High Heels Heels to Change: So you can run on all high heels

Imagine, you have high heels, where you could exchange the paragraph at will. It does not have to be a dream, because the paragraphs for changing already exist!

Heels to change: A dream for every woman
Photo: Istock

Mime et moi is the name of the label that invented the wonderfully practical paragraphs. Hallelujah! No more limping home after the disco, but just buckle up another heel and run home comfortably. What a dream!

And the principle is simple. You buy your dream shoe and select all heels that you would like to change. 7 centimeters or rather 10 centimeters for the really big gig? That's up to you with the shoes of mime et moi .

mime et moi bietet zu jedem Schuh verschiedene Abs├Ątze
mime et moi offers different heels for every shoe
Photo: mime et moi

Is not that wobbly? If you can exchange the paragraph with a high heel, that does not sound so trustworthy. However, mime et moi guarantee the highest quality standards and the latest technology for their shoes. The sole changes with each heel, so that the wearing feeling is not impaired. The paragraphs are not only inserted, but leveraged. So they should hold bombproof.

This comfort and the quality have their price. The couples vary in price around 200 euros. But the models are absolutely stylish and the interchangeable paragraphs ensure maximum comfort.

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