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Ventricular enlargement


Definition, causes and symptoms of ventricular enlargement

In a ventricular enlargement, a weaker blood supply takes place. The heart has two chambers. The right takes the "spent" blood from the circulation and delivers it to the lungs. There it is enriched with oxygen and enters the left ventricle. This then pumps the red life juice back into the circulation. An enlargement of one or both chambers disturbs these processes. The heart muscle is thinning and it takes more strength to provide the organs with sufficient blood. The result is often a heart failure, it comes to ventricular enlargement . Why the heart enlarges remains often unknown.

In some families, the suffering occurs frequently, which is why it seems to give hereditary factors. In other cases, excessive alcohol intake, infections or other underlying diseases are the cause. These include high blood pressure or an infarction. Concomitants of ventricular enlargement are water retention and the formation of blood clots. These thromboses can clog vital blood vessels. Many patients do not feel any symptoms for a long time. Finally, increased demands such as climbing stairs can lead to unusually rapid fatigue and shortness of breath. Later, complaints also occur in peace. Other symptoms include swelling - especially in the legs -, tachycardia, chest pain and blue discoloration of the lips.

Treatment of ventricular enlargement

In the case of ventricular enlargement, the doctor prescribes various medications to strengthen the heart. In severe cases, only the transplantation of a donor organ helps.

Prevention and self-help with a ventricular enlargement

Since common causes of ventricular enlargement are alcohol and nicotine consumption, this is best avoided altogether. In addition, a healthy and balanced diet with valuable, heart-protective omega-3 fatty acids (for example, in fish and olive oil) prevents ventricular enlargement, as well as sufficient exercise and staying in the fresh air. One should try to have and maintain normal weight.