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Gorgeous video: Little girl argues like a big one!

The little girl can barely speak, but argue like a pro!
Photo: Screenshot / Gareth Roe

Little baby, big arguments

Small but powerful: At 15 months, the girl already argues like a big girl. A quarrel with her father is wonderful to look at!

Oh oh, but someone is angry! The little Lola is just crawling on the TV table on which she is now holding her head - which her father, however, does not like to see. However, the girl can not understand that, because she does not only feel well, but above all much more in her elevated place!

It comes to a wonderful fight. Although the little girl can barely speak, she already argues like a big one! Stubbornly she stops on the TV-table and can not be beaten down.

But the best argument goes against the strong arms of the father. When Lola does not rest, she is simply put down. The little girl probably lost the argument - but she fought stubbornly! For the Internet community jumps out the wonderful video, which has already pleased twelve million people!