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Decorate autumn colors - so beautiful are the colors

Photo: Living idea about deco & style, Photo: Jasmin Dichant

More heat at home

Block storm and rain and turn your home into a retreat to cuddle up with original ideas for warmth and coziness.

Subtle colors in light shades, for example, also make rooms look friendly when it is getting dark outside. If that does not help, many light sources bring brightness into the darkness. Candle, spotlight and luminaire combine to create optimal lighting.

Which colors are particularly suitable?

Orange and rosé offer exciting contrasts and refine the autumn look . Otherwise, shades of brown, beige or red nuances are well suited for a comfortable interior. Sometimes only a single accessory is enough to match the interior of the season.

Another tip: also combine materials: metal with wood or wool and velvet.

Set up with autumn colors - how it works ...

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