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Helene Fischer sings "Bee Maja" title song

Helene Fischer will sing the title song of the "Bee Maja" in the future.
Photo: Imago / Eibner / ZDF / Studio 100 Animation

She replaces Karel Gott

It is no longer up-to-date! That was the ZDF about the animated series "bee Maja" . It was to become more "modern", fit in with new TV viewing habits, and comply with current technology standards such as HD and the 16: 9 format.

Therefore, there is now a new version, which will be seen on Good Friday, March 29 on ZDF. It was "Bee Maja" in 3D format and has also changed quite a bit.

The cult bees and their friend Willi are much slimmer, so that one wonders where the whole pollen dumplings are supposed to go, which the lazy bee boy throws out during the day.

This Schlankkur is not editorial intended, it was said by ZDF. That was not noticed. The fans of the "bee Maja" but quite. The internet has been used to blaspheme the beauty craze of the bee.

Others supported the remake. She would be better suited to the new generation. Of course, you think yourself there. The youth is already used to new versions of "My Pony" & Co. to the skinny models in the nursery.

In addition, the new bee looks very static and lifeless. It just lacks the "handmade" look of the 70s and 80s, with which whole generations have spent their childhood. Computer animation is "in", yes, but with that a piece of TV soul is lost too. No one would even think about reissuing "My Little Farm" in 3D, right?

And another novelty will come to us from the end of March: the title song will no longer be sung by Karel Gott (73), but by Helene Fischer (28). A faux pas that many Maja fans will not forgive.

Although the title song ("In an unknown country ...") remains the same, but the song is so linked with Karel Gott that it hurts in the heart, if this is simply exchanged - even if he is by a really wonderful Helene Fischer is replaced ... a pity.