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Helene Fischer: Will you make another man dangerous?

Helene Fischer is looking forward to the performance with Michael Bolton
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There is a new man

Helene Fischer lives dangerously! We have recently reported on their acrobatic show deposits, which are indeed life-threatening. But now it's about another danger - a threat to her love for Florian Silbereisen (29) ...

He looks good, has a fascinating voice Because there is a new man who crosses the life path of Helene Fischer - it's US superstar Michael Bolton (57). The singer with the fascinating voice celebrated great success in Germany at the end of the 80s. And admirers today he has enough - he has this certain casual-self-confident charisma, which can make women nervous. Admittedly - so far there is only a professional connection between him and Helene Fischer (26): On 16 December they will be together in the José -Carreras Gala occur. And on Michael's new Christmas album, he sings two songs with Helene. The record is called "Home for Christmas", and among other things, the two sing a very soulful English version of "Silent Night". Whether you like Helene Fischer Michael? So far, nothing came out of it. But it is known that he is single, an engagement burst some time ago. Even now, there are small taunts in the circle of colleagues: "Man Flori, be careful that you love your loved one does not get lost ..." But that's probably just talk. Florian and Helene Fischer have both often said how much they mean each other. It connects a love that can not be dangerous as fast as another ...