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Helene Fischer: She wants to finally satisfy the longing in her heart!

On stage, Helene loves to live her Russian side.
Photo: Imago / VIADATA

Your dream will come true!

His roots are always in the heart. This is also the case with Helene Fischer (28). And its roots are the beautiful singer in far-off Russia.

So she sang on her tour at a gig in Hamburg her wonderful song "desire" also in a Russian version. "Once again my Russian soul came through, " she admits with a smile. A very special moment that reveals a lot about the singer born in Siberia.

Review: Until she was three years old, she spent her childhood in Krasnoyarsk (Russia). "Sometimes I feel this melancholy, which is said to the Russians, but also the passion - the fire." Both sides she lives out on stage.

And the fans admire that. "It's great what Helene Fischer does. She came here from Russia as a little girl and worked her way up. That's great, "says a fan.

On the way to fame, she was always supported by her beloved parents, who protected and supported her. Perhaps this is why the Wahl-Hessin has come up with something very special for her TV program "Die Helene Fischer Show"!

Because: Helene has invited the folklore group "Buranowski Babushki". The singers, who took second place at the "Eurovision Song Contest" in 2012, come from Russia. The traditional costumes, the voices - all this will "kidnap" Helene in her native country.

As it says in a song: "For a day with Peter Pan in his arms. Go on a big journey. See the world again with children's eyes. "A dream! And that will come true!

Because Helene Fischer wants to return to the place that has been a home for her parents for so long, after which they often have longing and where they themselves were allowed to be quite a child. A trip to Russia in the past is the dream she works hard for: "I want to improve my Russian skills . I can understand everything. The language is very important to me, "she says.

And adds, "When I travel to Russia, I want to explore everything. So not only my birthplace, but also Moscow, St. Petersburg and more. "It is truly a dream, if you can feel his first years of life again alive ...

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