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Helene Fischer: her new luck on the "dream ship"

Now the beautiful singer starts again from the beginning ...

After Helene Fischer (27) has achieved so much as a singer, she has now plunged into acting. In a new episode of the ZDF series "The Dream Ship " she plays a tour guide. Together with the television crew and passengers, she sailed along the west coast of South America on the famous cruise liner "MS Deutschland".

After the first few days of shooting, we were able to hear directly from producer Wolfgang Rademann (77) how it went. He knows many actors, a praise from his mouth that counts! And with Helene Fischer, he is quite sure: "She has talent." And he continues: "She got off to a good start as an actress. She became safer and better day by day. "One thing she did not do on board was singing. It would have been conceivable that she had given a small concert for the passengers. "No, " says Wolfgang Rademann, "she wants to stand out as an actress from the singer consciously." In the red uniform she looked fake and also the new cheeky haircut like. Your new luck on the dream ship - it is a complete success. The whole ZDF team immediately closed her heart. "Helene Fischer is a great match for us, " said Wolfgang Rademann after the cruise ship test. But their fans still have to be patient: The episode with Helene Fischer will be broadcast by ZDF at the end of the year. And we are all excited already!