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Helene Fischer nibbles on herbal butter

Joie de vivre is her job: Helene Fischer becomes "Gourmeggle".
Photo: Meggle

New advertising face

The success story of Helene Fischer (28) continues. In keeping with the summer, the pop singer now advertises herbal butter, baguettes & Co. - as a brand ambassador for Meggle, she becomes a "gourmeggle".

An extremely clever move. Because the pretty singer stands for joie de vivre and with her dream figure is the perfect advertising figure for pleasure items.

"I work a lot and my current stage program is exhausting, so I think it's great to treat myself with a clear conscience thanks MEGGLE special culinary moments of enjoyment as I just like to enjoy!", Says Helene Fischer .

The TV advertising is perfectly tailored to her and really makes you want for the upcoming barbecue season: "Just like everyone else, I spend the summer together with friends BBQ Meals. Sure, there are the delicious butter specialties and baguettes from MEGGLE, just like in my spots, should not be missed, "says Helene Fischer .

Hard to believe that someone with such a dream figure also nibbles herb butter. But whoever works so much, must also take time to enjoy. And maybe it is precisely this balance between work and private life that makes Helene Fischer so balanced and successful ...

In the new advertisement Helene Fischer enjoys a filled lye baguette. We have the spot!